In addition to brushing your teeth cleanly Food choices also help prevent tooth decay.

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Good food selection It helps to have good oral health and prevent tooth decay, but you must choose nutritious foods by avoiding starchy foods. and sugar in abundance Because of the microorganisms in the mouth It will digest food such as starch and sugar into Acid corrodes teeth. It can cause tooth decay.

It cannot be denied that beautiful, healthy teeth make your smile more charming. Having beautiful teeth also allows you to eat a variety of foods. This is different from people who often have problems with their dental health. When eating each type of food, you have to think and think again. Because it may cause toothache or tooth sensitivity. ยูฟ่าเบท we would like to bring you foods that you eat to help take good care of your oral health and teeth. Plus it fully nourishes your health. What food will there be? Let’s go follow.

Foods that are good for dental health

  • Water: If you want a sweet drink, choose sweet herbal water or freshly squeezed fruit instead of soft drinks. Because soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. And it also has carbonic acid.
  • Foods that are high in fiber include certain fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers, guava, tomatoes, apples, yams, which will help clean teeth.
  • Foods that contain vitamin C such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, oranges, pineapples, cabbage, carrots, kale, etc. help in maintaining gums, teeth, and bones.
  • Food contains vitamin B2 Peanuts, soybeans, almonds, bran, whole grains, mushrooms, mangoes help prevent cracked corners of the mouth and inflamed tongue.
  • Foods that contain calcium and phosphorus include tofu, sesame, seafood, eggs, milk, and green leafy vegetables.
  • Complex carbohydrate starches such as whole wheat, whole grains, vegetables and fruits because they contain fiber that helps reduce tooth decay and plaque.

Foods that damage teeth

  • Do not eat very hard foods such as ice or bones, as this can cause the teeth to wear out and break.
  • You should not eat food in small amounts. This will cause food particles to remain in the mouth all the time. The mouth is therefore acidic. Destroys tooth enamel cause tooth decay It will cause bad breath and the type that causes tooth decay.
  • Foods such as starch and sugar cause tooth decay and the tooth enamel is destroyed
  • Citrus fruits, fruit juices, or soft drinks cause teeth to erode. and tooth sensitivity occurs as a result

Now you know about foods that help build beautiful, healthy teeth. However, don’t forget to take it to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy at the same time. with brushing your teeth correctly and go to the dentist often To check the strength of the teeth.