7 ways to relieve stress-reduce blood pressure Reduce the risk of heart

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7 ways to relieve stress-reduce blood pressure Reduce the risk of heart disease-cerebrovascular disease.

Stress and high blood pressure It is an important cause of heart disease and stroke. If you know that you are easily stressed, easily irritated, stress-reduce blood and still have problems with high blood pressure. 

Let’s reduce these risks at ยูฟ่าเบท with these tips from Harvard Health Publishing.

Get enough sleep If you don’t get enough sleep, that is, less than 6 hours per night. Including if you don’t sleep well, falling asleep and waking up throughout the night, it may make you more easily irritated than before. It also makes people sluggish. Not enthusiastic, energy drops, and it also affects the body as a whole.

Learn how to relieve stress. Whether it is meditation Stretch and relax muscles. Practice how to breathe in and out, do yoga, listen to soft, slow music, which are interesting ways to relieve stress.

approach friends Did you know that your best friend is a great stress reliever that we shouldn’t overlook? Whenever you’re stressed Call a friend to sit and talk together. Or do fun activities together. This will relieve stress more than you think.

Plan your working time well. If we arrange our work schedule in an orderly manner in advance Then you can follow the planned time very well. It will make the work successful. And don’t worry. or stressed about what will happen in the future

Don’t let problems remain unfinished for a long time. 

The source of stress often comes from matters that are not directly discussed in detail. straight talk to find an agreement Along with ways to fix it to make it better. It will help you sort out the problems that are causing you stress one at a time. And it can make your brain incredibly clear. Therefore, whenever there is a problem You should hurry and talk to all parties to understand as quickly as possible. Don’t let the problem And misunderstandings build up and affect our emotions and mental health.

Reward yourself Every time something is accomplished as planned Or there is a problem that needs to be solved that makes you start to feel stressed. Tell yourself that “When I finish this I’m going to get something delicious to eat,” or “If I can solve this problem, I will go quickly and watch my favorite movie that I have wanted to watch for a long time,” as an incentive. Give yourself some encouragement before stress starts to occur.

Ask for help Many times there is stress. We can handle ourselves very sharply. But there are probably times when we start to feel stuck. There’s no way to make everything better Thinking alone may give you a one-sided perspective. Therefore, we should look for help that we can trust. and asked for their opinions. Someone else’s answer might be a good one. And we couldn’t have expected it.

In addition to taking care of the mind and clear the mind To reduce stress You should always keep your body healthy and normal. Maintain a normal weight. Eat fruits and vegetables and foods that have a lot of dietary fiber Including low-fat protein and stress-reduce blood good fats from fish, olive oil, and exercising regularly. This will help control your emotions. and blood pressure levels can definitely be normal