“Forbidden words” that should not people suffering

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Forbidden words” that should not be said to people suffering from “anxiety disorder”

Anxiety Disorder (Anxiety Disorder) is a psychiatric disorder caused by an uneven chemical messenger in the brain. People who have it often have different symptoms. But one thing they have in common is Need encouragement from people around you. Whether it’s from actions or words, but did you know that? People with anxiety disorders also often have Anxiety And then there is also the sensitivity to certain words, which are forbidden words. What are some things that shouldn’t be said to people with anxiety disorders? สมัคร ufabet I’m bringing it to you.

Forbidden words For people with anxiety disorders

Even people with anxiety disorders often need support from those around them. But there were some words that made them feel uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at that. Forbidden words What are those?

  • “Why are you quiet?”

Even though the question may seem like nothing. But it cannot speak to patients suffering from anxiety disorders. Because asking “Why are you quiet?” It seems like you’re paying attention to their concerns. And they certainly don’t have a good way to answer this question.

So if you really want to start a conversation. Try using open-ended questions about the person’s favorite topics. Or, better yet, try to share a funny story.

  • “no need to worry”

Anxiety comes in many different forms, from mild to severe. Some worries can affect a person. Trying to comfort someone suffering from anxiety is not a good idea. Because they can’t let go of these feelings.

If you really want to comfort him Just tell them you’re here for them. and let them know If he doesn’t want to talk about what happened, that’s fine. without trying to offer a solution. Or don’t expect them to stop having it. anxiety quickly

“Stop it.”

The words “stop” can be demoralizing for people with anxiety disorders. or think they are in danger and must find a way to survive. Because during the time they are worried It often makes them think of ways to fight. or survival. In addition, their brains are unable to think logically.

  • “You just have to think positively.”

It can be difficult to tell people with mental illness to think positively. Because they are thinking of finding a way to overcome what has happened. Even if you think your suggestions might be helpful. But it can cause problems down the road.

  • “You just have to face your fear.”

This thought is often coupled with positive thinking. Even people with anxiety disorders must face their fears. But it must be done gradually and with professional supervision. Otherwise, anxiety It will intensify even more instead of decreasing.

  • “Don’t think about it. Forget about it.”

If you don’t think about what happened Or it’s easy to forget what people with anxiety disorders are thinking. They could probably defeat them. If you really want to help him Asking a friend or family member: How are they feeling now? What’s going on? What do they usually do to keep themselves comfortable? would be a better solution.

  • “Are you okay?”

Meanwhile, people with anxiety disorders are feeling uneasy. Then you come and say “Are you okay?” It will only make them panic. and felt a lot of pain To the point that they may not be able to control their own reactions. If you say this, they will conceal their symptoms so they won’t be seen by you.

“You’ll make yourself sick.”

Of course, stress can cause Anxiety and cause hormones to affect the intestines or blood pressure But it’s easier for them to do this if you tell them. “You will make yourself sick” to stop them from worrying. And it may make them feel even more anxious.

So don’t use your stress as a strategy to get them to stop worrying. Because that will only provoke their feelings.

  • “Just relax.”

“Just relax” might seem like a simple solution on the surface. But the symptoms of anxiety cannot be relieved at all. Therefore, when you tell someone with anxiety disorder to relax, It’s like telling someone who has a cold not to sneeze.

Using this word It should be at a time when you and he are having fun together. Then slowly speak this sentence. To make them realize that Anxiety Theirs can disappear. It wasn’t like they had to worry indefinitely.

  • “calm down”

Telling people with anxiety to “take it easy” doesn’t help them feel calmer. But it will only cause them more pain. Plus it makes it look like it really is. Then it is easy to overcome the anxiety that arises.