The cause of “dry hair, lack of weight, frizzy hair” from behaviors

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The cause of “dry hair, lack of weight, frizzy hair” from behaviors that may done often until used to.

Everyone wants to own weighty, not dry, frizzy hair. Many people try to nourish their hair with various products. But it’s only temporary. In fact, good hair health should start fixing from the cause. Which many reasons come from the behavior of taking care of the wrong hair all our own

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ratchathon Panjaprateep (Doctor Bonus), head of the Hair and Scalp Disease Center, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society and a physician at Absolute Hair Clinic, has information about behaviors that cause our hair to lose its health, dryness, and lack of weight. and point out the frizz, along with the right hair care tips for you. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Reasons for “dry hair, weight loss, frizzy hair”

The beauty of hair found in healthy hair. With complete keratin creation. The hair scales or cuticle are completely close Making the hair strong. hair damaged by chemicals. 

You’ll see that the hair scales are open or flabby, leaving your hair weak, dry, frizzy, and not shiny.

  1. improper hair washing Use a highly alkaline shampoo. Which will cause the hair scales to swell and hair is prone damage easily. Should choose to use a gentle shampoo with a neutral pH or pH close to the pH of the scalp. Which is pH less than or equal to 5.5.
  2. scalp scratching It can cause a chronic rash. My hair is torn apart. 
  3. Washing your hair with hot water or blow-drying with high heat will make your hair dry and damaged
  4. Comb your hair , straighten your hair with high heat. While your hair is wet, when your hair cuticles are swollen and weak.
  5. all kinds of chemistry can cause dry and damaged hair such as hair coloring Hair dyeing that is too frequent, straightening, curling, especially many chemicals. Type at the same time if curling or straightening. This should done at least 2 weeks. Before dyeing your hair.
  6. hair dye allergy cause a rash Some cases of severe allergies can cause hair loss.
  7. Using a curling iron all night It will result in the root of the hair broken. and can fall off 
  8. Comb your hair while it’s wet. Because my hair is wet, my scales will swell. Reduced hair strength Combing your hair. When it’s wet will tear the scales. Make it less shiny and more prone to breakage.
  9. Straightening your hair while it’s wet will cause the hair to seized until it breaks easily 
  10. Doing many chemicals at the same time Or at the same time, such as straightening or curling with hair dye, the recommendation is if curling or straightening your hair. This should done at least 2 weeks before dyeing your hair.

How to reduce harm to hair health, not dry, frizzy hair without weight.

  1. Do not scratch your scalp while washing your hair. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp. Because it can cause the scalp to wound
  2. Avoid very hot water when washing your hair. can use warm water Hot water will make your hair dry and frizzy.
  3. Avoid using conditioner on the scalp. Hair conditioner is recommend put on the ends of the hair. In some people, conditioner left on the scalp can cause acne. or inflamed hair follicles 
  4. Avoid drying your hair with high heat. 
  5. Comb or brush your hair sparingly. With a big toothed comb Or a brush. That has bumps so that it doesn’t get involve with broken hair.