Why “losing weight” is not successful.

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Why “losing weight” is not successful.

Misunderstanding that eating this thing will not make you fat. 

Fruits that most people think that eating a lot will not make you fat. The truth is, fruit is high in energy-boosting sugars. But it depends on how much you eat. For example, 1 orange (the result is the same as a tennis ball) gives energy equal to eating 1 ladle of cook rice. If you don’t eat dinner but eat 5 oranges instead, it means that we eat 5 ladle of cooked rice, fried food. Fried food of all kinds various one-dish dishes There are hidden oils in this food group. Including sugary drinks such as sugary drinks, milk tea, soft drinks. “It’s okay, it’s just not fat at all.” Report from ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com

lazy exercise 

No matter how much you control your food or eat. But not exercising, it causes less fat burning. Therefore, exercise is as important as diet control. Try starting with short 10-15 minute sessions and gradually increase the time. until the set goal Or choose an activity that we like or used to do, such as riding a bicycle in place and watching series together, and soon the time that we have set has been completed. Just moving is equal to exercising.

Very stressed out. Find a way out by eating. 

Because emotions influence eating, for example, working with the brain is very tired and stressful. Want to relax by eating bingsu, a big cake or 3-4 ice creams, which if eating is a way to relieve stress, of course we will eat more than usual Come back and ask yourself that. Are there other ways to relieve stress besides eating? For example, go to exercise to relieve stress and lose weight. or take a deep breath Then take a long, slow exhalation. Keep doing it for 1 minute and you will see results. If you continue for several minutes, your stress will relieve. 

Lose weight too tight until stressed, discouraged, stop doing. Many people can actually lose weight. But I can’t do it for a long time. Why did I stop doing it? It’s because you’re not happy after doing it. more stressful Working or studying is already stressful. Will still have to stress about dieting again Sustainable weight loss is not a rapid diet. Ten kilos in a month and two months, when he lost weight, he stopped doing it. But what matters is happiness while losing weight. If the balance is good between the pleasure of eating Exercise consistently with your body weight. We will be successful in the long run. Some people focus on dieting. Exercising well, but with little or no weight loss It makes me discouraged, discouraged, and gives up. At this point, the doctor wants to encourage that people have different genetics. unequal metabolism Even though we eat and exercise as much as our friends. But our weight may be less than our friends. Please keep doing the right thing. Happy discount If we don’t reduce, we won’t quit. Even if we don’t reduce, we won’t quit.