Getafe may complain to Madrid for illegal substitutions.

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Eduardo Camavinga has been forced off by injury. But Real Madrid could face a complaint from Getafe if they see the Whites breaking the football rules.

Derio Sport reported on Sunday that. Getafe is considering filing a complaint against Real Madrid to the Spanish Football Federation over an illegal substitution. If the Azulon team succeeds. It will give them 3 points from the game that affects their survival on the Liga stage. 

Real Madrid secured a 1-0 win over Getafe thanks to Marco Asensio’s winner in the 70th minute. Before problems arose in the 84th minute after Eduardo Camavinga was offended. Juan Iglesias suffered a serious foul and the Whites sent Alvaro Odriozola in place of the French midfielder.

However Real Madrid opted to send Odrio Zola to play instead of Asensio. With the 27-year-old forward leaving the field. Before the white team changed to remove Camavinga from the field instead. In which case Asensio could no longer return to the field UFABET 

If Getafe feel that Real Madrid have violated this rule. They can lodge a complaint with the Spanish Football Federation organizing committee. if they succeed The Azulon team will get 3 points from the game that directly affects the survival of the team. while the white team will be deducted points

As for Marca, Madrid newspaper reports that the Whites will not be penalized for the incident as Asensio has not yet left the field. Therefore, the substitution was not completed. The club is therefore not technically in breach of the rules and should not be penalized.