JK Happy team grabs “Nunez”, believes that he can still develop

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp Talking about the new team player Darwin Nunez, believing that he is a quality player and is ready to develop more. The

“Reds” army recently confirmed the acquisition of a 22-year-old striker to join the team for a fee. Add-ons will be up to £85 million, a new club record. The player will sign a six-year contract and wear the number 27 shirt

. I want to thank everyone at the club for making this deal happen. We have shown equal determination and ambition,” Klopp told the UFABET club’s website

. Even with good pace, there is still a lot of potential to improve. That’s why it’s exciting.

” His age, his needs and his thirst for improvement were even better than he is now. He has faith in the project and what we are committed to doing as a club.”

“He’s excited for us and so are we. When you appreciate each other’s strengths, it’s a great relationship building. Now it’s like this He thought he was the right fit for us and we believed he was. So let’s go and do this.”

“He played without fear. he is very strong I know he will excite our fans

. I like his concentration and humility

. Therefore, there would be no pressure on him at all. He has signed a very long term contract and we look forward to nurturing his talent and watching him grow.”

“He is a new member of the amazing Liverpool family. And I’m sure the fans will make him feel at home from the first minute that the Liverbird is on his side.”