“Kane” disappointed in the Lions’ form Hope to return to shore

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Harry Kane, England striker Disappointed with the team’s form during the national team program after the home defeat to Hungary 4-0 and hope to prepare well again before the World Cup. Gyar” went decisive 4-0 in the Nations League in the past and still failed to find a win during the national team program this round.

“It was a very disappointing night. In the first half we created enough chances to score but it was like this throughout the competition. We still don’t have a sharp enough cadence,” Kane said after the game.

“The second half was unacceptable after being led 2-0 but it was not the time to worry. We have to lift our heads and come back stronger in September.” The UFABET report

“It was the first serious defeat in years. Defensive games have always been the foundation of our success. It was a night that had to be forgotten.”

“We have to accept defeat and move on. We have to prepare for the World Cup and learn a lot from this national team camp.

“Let’s not forget where we came from compared to 50 years ago. We reached the final for the first time in 60 years and reached the semi-finals. world cup I understand that the fans are upset. We will continue to work hard and be successful at the World Cup.”