Odegaard has received all hope.

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Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard admits his title hopes are almost gone after they lost 3-0 at home to Brighton.

Arsenal look set to lose the Premier League title this season. After falling out of form, Brighton beaten 3-0, making them 4 points behind Manchester City and the Blues will win the title immediately in the next match if they open their homes to beat Chelsea on Sunday, May 21.

When asked if the title race was over, Odegaard replied: “So, it feels like that. We have to honestly accept that it is very difficult and now it is difficult to accept UFABET

“It’s not a good feeling right now. Our way of playing, especially the second half I really don’t know what happened. It feels like there is no hope now.”

“In the first half we did a lot. And there is a moment to create an opportunity to win the goal. but in the second half We gave them more and more momentum.”

“We want to come back here and do the same as we did in the last two games. want good results and keep trying to chase the bee It was a huge disappointment.”

“I don’t think the mentality is the problem. We got off to a good start to this game. But then it was a different story. We have to accept and learn from this game.”