Seaman supports Arsenal as usual to win over Liverpool.

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David Seaman, Arsenal legendary goalkeeper, cheers his old team on defeating Liverpool in the game. When the two teams meet in the English Premier League on Sunday.

    The Gunners, who were runners-up last season, are off to a great start this season. But there was a time when their form dropped and they lost their leading position until they are currently 5 points behind the “Reds”.ทางเข้า ufabet

    This match is considered an important game that may affect the championship in the end. Seaman cheers for the old team without thinking. That they will grab three points in this match even though it is a difficult game.   

    “This is an important game. When I look at Liverpool, I see a team that is in good form. I saw a great team. I see a strong force. For us to get a point from them is huge.” Seaman said on his Seaman Says podcast.

    “I saw it very similar to the game against Manchester City. When City came to the Emirates it was an opportunity to perform and get people talking about Arsenal a little bit more. Because right now all the talk is about City and Liverpool.”

    “We need to get back into that equation. And that starts with… I would say get a point, but I think three points, but it will be very difficult.”