“Torreira” posted a purple farewell – said he did his best to stay

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Lucas Torreira has left Fiorentina with disappointment. After the Serie A team decide not to sign a contract to grab him to join the team permanently.

He has made 31 appearances in Serie A (26 starts) this season, scoring 5, spending 1, helping. Fiorentina finished seventh in the table with tickets to the UEFA Conference League

. Fiorentina has the option to buy the Uruguay international for a price. 15 million euros. But previously report and that they only offer And the Arsenal for consideration of around 8 million euros

, most recently, it is certain that a purchase agreement will not take place and Torreira will have to return to Arsenal. The remaining contract is one year.

Torreira then joined Fiorentina on loan. He impressed as he featured 31 times for them in Serie A.

He insisted last month that it is his “intention” to join Fiorentina permanently. His Arsenal contract is due to expire in 2023.

Torreira posted a farewell message to Fiorentina, saying: “To the Fiorentina fans Unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye. It is very sad that my relationship with Fiorentina has to end. The club has given me a lot of love and support in the past. the UFABET report

” “I want you to know that I have done my best to continue to be part of this club. But unfortunately some people… in my view deal with this negatively make it not happen So that’s why I have to go.”

“I wish them good luck in the future. You will always have one supporter cheering you on wherever I go, Forza Viola,” he said.