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“Forbidden words” that should not people suffering

“Forbidden words” that should not be said to people suffering from “anxiety disorder” Anxiety Disorder (Anxiety Disorder) is a psychiatric disorder caused by an uneven chemical messenger in the brain. People who have it often have different symptoms. But one thing they have in common is Need encouragement

11 ways to prevent “dementia” in the elderly

11 ways to prevent “dementia” in the elderly Dementia in the elderly If abnormalities are found, you must immediately see a doctor. Some parts can be edited And many can delay the disease. If found in the early stages, along with 11 ways to prevent brain degeneration. Report

Why “losing weight” is not successful.

Why “losing weight” is not successful. Misunderstanding that eating this thing will not make you fat.  Fruits that most people think that eating a lot will not make you fat. The truth is, fruit is high in energy-boosting sugars. But it depends on how much you eat.

7 dangers of eating Too much “instant noodles”

7 dangers of eating Too much “instant noodles“ in the famine era Depression When going to buy food at the market or supermarket, you will find that many fresh foods have a higher price. The increase of 5-10 baht may still be enough to endure. But some things are

Odegaard has received all hope.

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard admits his title hopes are almost gone after they lost 3-0 at home to Brighton. Arsenal look set to lose the Premier League title this season. After falling out of form, Brighton beaten 3-0, making them 4 points behind Manchester City and