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Why “losing weight” is not successful.

Why “losing weight” is not successful. Misunderstanding that eating this thing will not make you fat.  Fruits that most people think that eating a lot will not make you fat. The truth is, fruit is high in energy-boosting sugars. But it depends on how much you eat.

7 dangers of eating Too much “instant noodles”

7 dangers of eating Too much “instant noodles“ in the famine era Depression When going to buy food at the market or supermarket, you will find that many fresh foods have a higher price. The increase of 5-10 baht may still be enough to endure. But some things are

Odegaard has received all hope.

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard admits his title hopes are almost gone after they lost 3-0 at home to Brighton. Arsenal look set to lose the Premier League title this season. After falling out of form, Brighton beaten 3-0, making them 4 points behind Manchester City and

Koeman believes Messi will not return to Barca this summer.

Ronald Koeman believes Lionel Messi will decide to move to the United States or Saudi Arabia rather than returning to Barcelona this summer. Former Barcelona boss Ronald Koeman says Lionel Messi’s return to the Nou Camp is unlikely to happen this summer. After Sergio Busquets’ decision

Brighton beats Arsenal 3-0 in the next match.

Arsenal lost 3-0 at home to Brighton, giving Manchester City the Premier League title. If they win their next game. Arsenal entered the field with the results of the Manchester City pair. Which had torn away 4 points. Mikel Arteta organized an offensive line. With